Storytelling Guilds

Storytellers Guild of Anchorage
Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild
California Indian Storytelling Assn.
Community Storytellers of Los Angeles
Dreamshapers of Los Angeles
Long Beach (CA) Storytellers
Mixed Bag Story Swap
North Coast (CA) Storytellers
Orange Upon a Time Toastmasters (Orange County, CA)
Prophets & Liars (CA)
Story Salon (Studio City CA)
Storytelling Association of Alta California
Portland Storytellers Guild
Olympia Storytelling Guild
Seattle Storytellers Guild
Washington Storytelling Newsletter
People of Clallam County
Odyssey Storytelling Series
Vintage Voices
Guild of Idaho Storytellers
Storytellers of New Mexico
Abajo Storytellers
Utah Storytelling Guild
Chicago Storytelling Guild
Heartland Story League
Illinois Storytelling
Northlands Storytelling Network
Bloomington Storytellers Guild
Rivertown Storytellers
Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Northstar Storytelling League
OOPS Omaha Organization for the Purpose of Storytelling
Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers
Frogtown Storytelling Guild
Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling (O.O.P.S.)
Storytellers of Central Ohio
Bluff County Talespinners
Madison Storytelling Guild
Milwaukee Area Storytellers (M.A.S.T.)
Wisconsin Storytelling
Independent Children’s Artists Network
SELA Storytelling Guild
By Word of Mouth Storytelling Guild
Missouri Organization of Storytellers
Missouri Storytelling
River & Prairie Storyweavers (RAPS)
Wisconsin Storytelling
St. Louis Gateway Storytellers
Norman Storytellers
Tall Grass Tellers
Territory Tellers

Tulsey Town Yarnspinners
Central Texas Storytelling Guild
Children’s Museum of Brazos Valley Storytelling Guild
Dallas Storytelling Guild
East Texas Storytellers
Houston Storytellers Guild
San Antonio Storytellers Association
Tejas Storytelling Association
Texas Storytelling Youth Olympics
Connecticut Story Center
Jewish Storytelling Coalition
New England Storytelling Guild – LANES
Outspoken Word
Song & Story Swap
Interfaith Story Circle
Putnam Storytellers
Hudson Valley Storytelling Alliance
Story Circle of the Capitol District
Washington Storytellers Theatre
New Jersey Storytelling Guild
New Jersey Storytelling Network
Storytelling Arts, Inc.
Jewish Storytelling Center
Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild
Virginia Storytelling Alliance
Voices in the Glen
Center for Sacred Storytelling
West Virginia Storytelling Guild
Gulf Coast Storytelling
Florida Storytelling Association
Miami Storytellers Guild
Ocala Storytellers Guild
Sandcastle Storytellers
Storytellers of Central Florida
Strawberry Fields Storytellers

Black Storytellers Alliance
Tale Tellers of St. Augustine
West Pasco Toastmasters

Heritage Keepers
Southern Order of Storytellers
Asheville Storytelling Circle
North Carolina Storytelling Guild
Cleveland Storytelling Guild
Keepers of The Culture
Jonesborough Storytellers Guild
Smoky Mountain Storytellers
Storytelling Foundation International
Network of Biblical Storytellers
Fray Organization
NSN Healing Story Association
Storyteller Net
Storytelling Power
Storytelling Products
Mary Hamilton WOW Retreats
August House Publishers
Yellow Moon Press
Storytelling Defined
Storytelling Encyclopedia
SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages
Doug Lipman
Call of Story
Aaron Shepard’s Storytelling Page


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