Christine Petrell Kallevig

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StoryWatchers Club™ Keys to Imagination sharing three origami stories, including Penny’s Paper Pocket, The Fox & The Crane, and The Best Stories, and StoryWatchers Club™ Christmas sharing the story, Home for Christmas, the touching tale of an immigrant family’s first Christmas in America.

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Kids love origami, but they need stories – stories that touch their hearts and feed their minds, stories that peel away layers of resistance and false sophistication, stories that reveal roots of intelligence and creativity.

Christine Petrell Kallevig is an Ohio novelist and professional storyteller who speaks in schools throughout the country and provides the stories that students’ need.  She’s that “Storigami Lady” who has figured out how to illustrate short stories with the progressive steps of simple origami models.  Originally intended as a fun and quirky curiosity, Storigami has instead evolved into an enticing experience that captivates audiences and sends them hurtling back and forth across an enchanted bridge that connects language with art, a bridge where you definitely want to let your fingers do the walking.



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